Vinturi Spirit Aerator

What, is that a USB port on the side?

Just bought 1 for my husbands birthday. I’ll have to give it a test run on my birthday before I tell him its his. LOL

Drink bourbon? Get this, you won’t regret it!!

If it can aerate a full 1.5 liter bottle, I’m in.

Will you buy 3 if I say yes?

I was just in our local Total Wine, and somehow got into a conversation with three employees about this thing. They’d recently tested this thing with several spirits, including small batch and blended bourbons.

Their assessment: Yes, it opens up the flavors. It seemed to do better for the small batch than for the blended bourbons, because the small batch bourbons have more complex flavor to begin with. But it’s not much more than a few drops of water or a small ice cube will do.

They talked me out of a $40 sale, and it’s just as easy to walk away from this one.

Who the heck took and approved these product pictures. Ever think of a different background other than Clear on White?

Idiots I tell you, idiots! XD

All I drink is whiskey, would dive in if I drank more spirits.

I bought 3, can I get a kiss…

Whiskey is a spirit… I’m putting Wild Turkey HONEY in it… LOL… Alcohol is alcohol and I guarantee it works with anything, except ever clear and vodka.

Come 'ere!

How about a job now you little cellulite munchkin you…

I wish I remembered where I put my woot off lights…