Vinturi Travel

Vinturi Travel
$24.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Travel Sized
1 Vinturi Travel
1 Hard Case Travel Case

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the regular vinturi is the same price retail as this one plus shipping…no deal

Agreed…but I still want it…

This one also comes with a travel case to keep it from being damaged if you drop it(throw it).

Yes…but the regular vinturi so cumbersome. This travel sized version is far more convenient to carry with you in your luggage or picnic basket.

The case is the selling point, really. In for one because I travel so much.

show me the cheeeese!

Sorry, but I’m simply not enough of a wine snob to where I feel the need to carry a Vinturi around with me. That crosses the line from connoisseur into douchebaggery.

Not a wine snob, just too impatient to wait for red wine to breathe. Delayed gratification is not my long suit.

If I don’t have a Vinturi and am considering getting one, should I get this even if I don’t plan on having it leave the house?


wouldn’t it be something if wine.woot gave Barrels of Cabernet…

I hear you on that. But if I was at a restaurant with someone, and they pulled out a Vinturi? I’m sorry, but not only are they spending the rest of the night getting ribbed, they’re getting stuck with the bill, too.

Other suggested uses (per Vinturi): Picnics, vacations, parties.

Picnics, by their very nature, are leisurely and unrushed affairs - a Vinturi has no place at one. If you’re going on vacation, just take the full-sized one, it’s not that much bigger (and is easier to use). As to parties, see my comment about restaurants.

Normal price for this item on Amazon is $35.87 shipped. Not much of a deal here. Still, $6 is $6 I guess.

Travel = no stand. Holding this over a glass while attempting to pour wine into the top of it at the same time doesn’t seem like the greatest idea… especially after a few glasses.

Bought this last time it was on woot… It doesn’t leave the house, and I love it! Buy it, Let’s move on to barrels of cabernet!

HA! No, I wouldn’t be pulling it out at restaurants. You’re right, that’s douchebaggery. But parties? Come on, dude.

this is a much better idea than when we travelled and took the regular vinturi thru security. They opened my bag and pulled out this hard plastic object in it’s cute little felt bag… The strange looks of other travellers staring at us, since it looks like some strange phallic object to non wine drinkers

I’ll be the do-uchebag. If I bring my own bottle of wine to a restaurant and I know that it needs to breathe for an hour or more in a decanter, OR I could bring my Vinturi…I’m bringing my Vinturi. I haven’t done this yet, but I reserve the right to be a do uche.

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