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Vinturi Travel
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I don’t know if this is the right product for someone of my coordination. Sometimes I miss when I’m using the full-sized version. Fortunately, the travel version would involve someone else’s table and floor.

i am imagining someone pulling this out at a restaurant haha.

but i agree with the post above, it seems to small to be useful.

+1. Even with the stand, after a bottle of wine it looks as if I killed someone, with red droplet stains everywhere…Do they make a wide-mouth/oil funnel version?

“Sometimes a picture doesn’t really help sell a product.”

Gotta have some video!

Vinturi blind tasting

Loved the write up and the pictures. Great!

The regular size isn’t exactly gigantic…

You are talking about wine, right? :wink:

Well, at least during the first part of the night. Now if you’ll excuse me…

In for one. My decanter (from wine.woot) got shattered (dining room light fixture crashed to the table, and the decanter was in the way, doh!), and I need an aerator of some type anyway.

Cheaper than retail, good enough.

So if I traveled with this on an airplane, what are the chances it would get confiscated at security?

why would it be?
is it in no way considered dangerous
tell them you like to aerate your pee, it makes the bathroom smell nicer

Wow, this is one thing I never realized I needed until wine.woot posted it. As far as not pouring it all over the ground, you can use one of these wine pouring discs where can often be found for free (I got some from a cameron hughes tasting):]wine pouring discs

I wonder if I were to bring this on the plane and aerate the crappy juice they pass off for wine on planes these days, would it taste better?

it’s crappy wine/juice and not worth the trouble.

think about is carefully, they normally give you plastic cups which are very wide, how are you going to pour that into a normal sized vinturi, let alone the travel size. and what cup are you going to pour it into?

i’ll get the stewardess to do it :slight_smile:

I just read that US Airways is going to start charging $20 for that service. Just wait for turbulence: aeration accomplished.

My personal take on wine aerators:

First of all, I have a Soiree, not a Vinturi. You can read about blind taste tests via the links I posted below. But I think they do roughly the same thing (and both models have their pros and cons).

That being said, aerators definitely work as advertised. If you want to drink from a freshly opened bottle, an aerator will definitely improve the wine (assuming, of course, that it’s a wine that needs aeration/decanting in the first place). This is particularly true of young wines, and I also seem to find it quite effective for blends.

It’s easy to do a comparison - just pop and pour a glass, and then use the aerator for another.

However, an aerator doesn’t do as good a job as a proper decanting. For example, I tried the Wellington Merlot which was austere and a little bitter on pop and pour, but tolerable when aerated. But I didn’t find it truly enjoyable until it sat for 20 minutes in the glass.

But other wines fared much better right after aerating.

In conclusion, I would say these devices really augment my wine drinking experience, but they don’t replace a decanter.

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