Vinturi Wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator
$21.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Vinturi Wine Aerator
KIND: Red Wine, White Wine

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Is there really a difference between a white and red one? er other than the color?

Is there any particular reason you can’t use the red wine aerator on a white wine?

Alright everyone. In my last labrat I realized how much better a wine is after breathing sometimes. So, does this do the trick? Or should I hold out, hoping that woot puts up that fancy decanter that comes up every now and then in woot offs??

Well I see the red one has a sediment filter, but beyond that no.

Well, I figure I have enough wine toys. What’s one more added to the collection?

Now my Soiree will definitely never get used again.

This is an excellent deal–I paid twice as much a year ago when buying this for my parents.

Still a better price than Amazon:

It’s pretty awesome. I got one for my boyfriend for his birthday, and it really does help if you really need to drink a wine RIGHT NOW (dinners, etc).

There is a discernible difference between freshly poured wine and wine that is put through this first.

$39.95 at Williams-Sonoma 14 of their customers give it an avg rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Only a $1.20 discount from Amazon’s seller. Free Amazon shipping incl in this calculation. (Fulfilled by Amazon.)

I got the Soiree, too, but think the Venturi works better. (Soiree’s prettier, though)

A wine in a can reference.

Thanks woot for reminding me about Its Always Sunny.

Looks like the red one comes with a sediment screen. But I’ve used it for both and the device itself is the same. Seems like the accessories differ. That and the white one would most likely stain if used on reds too often.

Get the black one, and use it for both shrug

Yes it works well!

These make quite humorous noises when you use them, but work like a charm when your guests refuse to let their wine breathe, just pour the glasses in another room.

Yes, it is worth it.

Here’s the thing about a decanter: It looks nice, but then you have to let it sit in the thing for 2 hours.

Here’s the thing about the Vinturi: You can drink your wine right away.

I just don’t plan ahead that well. I get in the mood for a glass of wine, and I want a glass of wine. Not an hour from now. Not even a measly half hour from now.

It’s a “me generation” thing.

This does work well, even though I sometimes feel like it is cheating.

The white one does stain slightly over time if using on reds.

Does anyone have both the Vinturi and the Soiree? Which do you prefer and why?

edit: I see that jdick17 already answered the first question…

another edit: actually, I can see one advantage to the Vinturi right off. If you use the Soiree and don’t finish the bottle, you’re left with wine that has been aerated more, since a lot of it will spill back down.

Great product. Have had mine for a few years now.

Highly recommend it for a gift to any wine lover that doesn’t have one (think Christmas)

Honestly, I have to say the part I’m most excited about here is the VELVET TRAVEL POUCH. Smooth.