Vinturi Wine Aerator

This works! When we pour wine using this, it does taste better. Just got another one to give as a gift. The price here is very good.

I hope they sell the cool stand for it one day.

wow woot had a pricing error that was quickly caught, 21.99 to 20.99

Can the red aerator also be used for white wine? I have heard that the white one is pretty much then same thing minus the screen.

Great item, great price! I just picked up a “spare”.

so the last time these were offered (that i was paying attention to) i got em

both a red and a white

i use the red here n there depending on what i get at the store, if it isnt so tasty just by itself

airation lowers alcohol content, keep in mind, so its not always worth it

either way, ive found sometimes it is a nice helper when i pickup an unknown bottle that happens to not taste as good as the label reads


See DJ Nikon

edited to add:: my order didnt come with screens, but no big deal still. technically anyone could replicate this without the overhead cost and shipping waiting time…real simple

The manufacturer says that they made the two differently.

I doubt I would be able to tell the difference, but your taste buds may be more discerning than mine.

hi guys. any of you stay-uppers know if this is any better than the Magic Decanter Red Wine Aerator that amazon’s selling for 20, or if it works any differently? i visited the Vinturi website which was really off-putting with its pretentious video and pretentious scientific formula. thanks.

Did anybody recieve their tracking #?? I’ve gotten stuff I ordered AFTER this - but this hasn’t shipped?

Nothing here either. I did not realize wine.woot had such problems with their shipping. I ordered a set of these as a gift for some friends and thought I would get it in plenty of time. Now I will have to show up empty handed and tell them I will mail it to them. If I would have known of the shipping issues I would have spent a few extra bucks and ordered through Amazon.

Glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t received their order.

well, I got tracking #… but I’m confused - it says “Anticipated ship date Apr 8, 2010”… I think they missed it :slight_smile:

Same thing here. Even if it did ship yesterday I will not get them in time for what I needed it for. These should have been the easiest to get shipped out from the woot off. Toss em in a box and go. It almost seems that they didn’t even have them in stock and finally just got them in.

Well…I have my tracking number. The fedx site says it shipped out 4/8 and is in transit at the moment. Geez…my first time from ordering from wine.woot - not a good first impression, although I’ve been a Wooter for quite some time.

Yep… I got an arrival date of the 17th… I even recieved the Dirt last week - and they had issues with the orders. Placed order on 26th to have it arrive on the 17th (hopefully). Course - w00t don’t care. When talking to them - they said “I’m sorry, wine.woot orders ship more slowly, though the FAQ is geared more towards actual wine and food shipments it encompasses all items we sell on the site:
How long is shipment going to take?
Unless you’re in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Arizona, or Indiana, you should get your wine in 2-3 weeks, often sooner.”
“Because our winery is smaller and they do not have as much staff as we do, shipments will take longer when coming from our winery/wine.woot. I understand that this shipment has taken a while, there is nothing that we can do at this point”
So, basically - We got your money… just sit and wait till we get around to it…

ADMITTEDLY…this was slow to ship and slow to arrive, and communication from the seller wasn’t up to normal Woot standards.

BUT…the item itself is absolutely amazing! I’ve used it on half a dozen bottles since I (finally) received it, and it really, truly does what it claims. I had some doubting friends over to try it, and the very first sip erased their doubts. Really incredible.

AND…the price I paid here was the lowest I’ve seen anywhere, by a pretty good margin.

SO…once all is said and done, I’m a happy Wooter on this one.