Vinturi Wine Aerator

FINALLY! I just got mine the other day and loooooooooove it! Need on for my mamma now.


Have 2 and won’t drink without them buy buy buy

Everyone talks about these things so I figured I needed to own one. Just missed them last time (the red had sold out when I made my decision).

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You can get wine in a can?

Need a red wine one for my Cuvee Eddy. Running it through a strainer was messy.

I wish they would sell the Vinturi Towers here too. I’d buy two!

These things are fantastic (performance & price). If you don’t have an aerator, I highly recommend.

I have one of each. I LOVE them. In for two for Christmas gifts!

Do you pour through these into your glass?

I have a Soiree brand that sits on top of the bottle.

Yes, but it doesn’t sit on top of the bottle. you hold it over your glass then pour into it.

Purchased one last wootoff for someone else. Not this time; in for 1 4 me (and the mrs.)!

Okay nm, I googled the web site.

it’s $28.54 shipped on Amazon, for anyone who misses this deal

28.54 shipped on Amazon…

only 1.55 less here…

Woot-offs are just not what they used to be…

I really wanted to get my Mom one of these for her birthday in a couple of weeks… so I did! My first wine.woot purchase :slight_smile:

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Jan 27 Woot-off - $2 more.

Rec Wine Aerator

I always waffle when these come up…finally jumped and got one of each WHOO HOO!!! :slight_smile:

There’s a limit to its efficacy though. If you’re a idiot like me and try to aerate an 08 PS with it, even seven passed through won’t make it palatable.

It increases the surface area for the wine-air reaction which speeds things up but aeration - and maturity - are still a function of time.