Vinturi Wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator
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PRODUCT: 1 Vinturi Wine Aerator
TYPE: Travel w/ Case, Red Wine Aerator, White Wine Aerator, Wine Tower, Spirit Aerator

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I have the red wine one and it really does work to change the taste. It is very easy to clean up after use also.

I’m very intrigued with the spirit aerator… gonna have to test this with my scotch. Be back in a few.

The internet has ruined me.

When you see it…

great deal. $40 normally in most stores and works easily. I don’t really get the travel one. I know I like to drink but I barely need to drink “right now” as this thing would suggest. If the item was huge I could understand a smaller one, but we’re talking something the size of cigar vs a twinkie. Not really taking up too much room in a picnic basket or a bag.

The Red Wine Aerator is better than nothing, if you’re in too much of a hurry to wait (guilty!). That said, I definitely prefer my Soiree.

The Vinturi makes a neat sound as it aerates, but I’m convinced that sound is air being violently beaten into the wine while the grapes cry out in pain.

Awesome price. These are normally around $40 each in the store and around $35 each on amazon and $60 for the red and white set on amazon.

I have a Vinturi for red wine, and my favorite wines are generally dry reds that need at least two hours of aeration to open up.

The Vinturi is good. It’s not a substitute for proper decanting but when you don’t have time to decant it serves the purpose.

I also use the Vinturi when I’m on the road, as I like to bring a bottle of wine along (or pick one up in a store where I’m at) and I have yet to stay in a hotel room that has a decanter next to the coffee pot. The Vinturi takes up very little room in a suitcase and again serves the purpose.

Pricing is good on this. I got mine at woot earlier this year for this price. I had been looking for a Vinturi for awhile, and this price was a significant savings over prices I had seen elsewhere.

What’s the difference? It seems like the only one with a difference is the Red Wine version, which includes a filter.

Hope everyone realizes you do not get everything shown, you get:

(1) Vinturi Wine Aerator (Choose: Travel with Case, Red Wine Aerator, Wine Wine Aerator, Wine Tower or Spirit Aerator)

bsevern: Understood…all I need is the Spirit Aerator for my Macallan 18 and I’m going to be set for the holidays with the family…

I’m guessing each one aerates the liquid in a slightly different way. I want to aerate red wine, but the clear acrylic looks so cool!

I agree - I have taken my regular size Vinturi on several trips and it doesn’t take up much room. Plus I can’t imagine how badly I would spill with it being that narrow - the full size version is difficult enough to master mess-free!

The red wine one lets more air into the wine for red wines to taste the way they should.

The white wine one lets less air than the red wine one does.

(I might have that backwards, but that is the difference. One lets more air into the wine than the other)

Also, I have to say I bought the tower here on Woot as well but don’t use it. Takes up too much counter space, and my wife and I have no problems decanting without it. As long as you’re reasonably coordinated, you’ll get the hang of it. But I definitely love the Vinturi itself, and I may have to spring for the “spirit” decanter. Never considered the need for that, but I do like a good bourbon from time to time. Wonder if the wine model would suffice for that purpose? Time for a late night experiment, perhaps?

I don’t have the spirit aerator yet so I grabbed my red wine version and ran about an ounce of Jura 10 year single malt scotch through it. I’ve gotta say, Jura definitely isn’t my favorite $40 bottle of scotch, not nearly as smooth as I was hoping for.

Now for the results:
Smelling them there is a noticeable difference in bouquet, the Vinturi definitely opened it up. I can tell an even bigger difference in the taste. It has smoothed it out and opened it up into a very respectable scotch.

I’ve gotta say, I’m very impressed. But I really shouldn’t be surprised because the Vinturi has become a must have for our wine, why wouldn’t it make spirits better?

Have the red wine Vinturi (since that’s pretty much all we drink) and it works very well. It’s a must have when you can’t wait to drink those wine.woot purchases!

A little jealous here… haven’t been able to spring for a bottle of 18 as of yet. Would it even need the aeration though?

I have enjoyed owning these. Not just for cheap wines, but to be able to serve good wines to guests quickly if you forget to let the wine breath. I’ll be buying this for Mom’s Xmas present.