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Violight iZap Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Violight ZAP275 iZap Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

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Would this work with something like a sonicare?

Considering the dirtiness of a human mouth, is there really a point to this?

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The #1 result for toothbrush sanitizer scam on google is…you guessed it, this company.

The ones on the Kids.Woot will work with electric heads.

I have the non-portable one (and so does my mom) and the UV light doesn’t last for more than a month if you use it every day. A good idea but the bulbs burn out quickly

How does this hold up to the wet environment of a bathroom-- what if it is exposed to running water? Will the electric components short out?

From the American Dental Association:
Cleaning methods beyond those outlined above are not supported by the currently available clinical evidence. While there is evidence of bacterial growth on toothbrushes, there is no clinical evidence that soaking a toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthrinse or using a commercially-available toothbrush sanitizer has any positive or negative effect on oral or systemic health.

I have something very similar, if not the same thing. My problem is, my tooth brush is just a little too big, and not all the bristles are directly in front of the UV light. I just noticed this the other day when I was packing it in my travel bag, but there were little black spots under the area where the bristles didn’t have access to the UV light. Might be better for toothbrushes that actually fit in it, but this was a waste of money for me. :confused:

if you actually take a moment to think about it, this one of the (many) things out there that is really a complete piece of garbage. it improves your life in no discernible way. if you buy something like a toothbrush sanitizer, you are a chump. sorry, that’s what you are. you can look around your house and see many comparable pieces of garbage. you bought each of them thinking they would improve your life in some way… they probably haven’t.

don’t be a chump. don’t buy a toothbrush sanitizer, no matter how cheap it seems to be

I was actually going to get one of these, but after hearing the reviews, and seeing that recommendation by the ada, I am going to skip this woot. Besides, it doesn’t look compatible with mac

My wife is a germaphobe…for a few dollars I have made her feel just a teensy bit better…worth it’s weight in gold!

from further down the same ADA website quoted above (highlights mine):

*There are several commercially available toothbrush sanitizers on the market. Although data do not demonstrate that they provide a specific health benefit, if a consumer chooses to use one of these devices, the Council recommends that they select a product cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Products cleared by FDA are required to provide data to the Agency to substantiate cleared claims. Examples of claims that have been cleared by FDA for these products include;

* Product “X” is designed to sanitize manual toothbrushes (To “sanitize” normally means that bacteria are reduced by 99.9 percent. For example, if one million bacteria are present at the outset, 1000 bacteria remain after a 99.9 percent reduction. “Sterilized” on the other hand, indicates that all living organisms have been destroyed or inactivated. No commercially-available toothbrush cleaning products have been shown to sterilize toothbrushes); 
* Product “Y” is intended for use in reducing bacterial contamination that naturally accrues on toothbrushes.

So, will it work just as well with electronic, sonicaire type brushes? sure, if they fit. Does working just as well mean they’ll actually provide any useful benefit? probably not.

Anyone with a link on what level of UV is actually needed to kill bacteria, and what measly fraction of that is actually provided by the LEDs in this device?

I’m hesitant to buy another Violight since the Zapi’s i purchased from woot broke within a month and the fact that people are giving toothbrush sanitizers a big thumbs down.

I’m not so much concerned for bacteria/germs from the bathroom environment, but more concerned with putting my toothbrush next to a sick person’s toothbrush (my sister is constantly sick).

So what does everyone think about toothbrush sanitizers for that kind of application? Since the general vibe im getting is that toothbrush sanitizers are a bunch of crock…

I got the egg sanitizer a while back when it was on Woot. The “light” lasted for about a week and a half before it died. I kept it for a while as a regular toothbrush holder, but it was impossible to clean. I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

will any toothbrush fit, or only the one in the pic?

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