Violight-Sanitize Your Mouth

Ok first off, the cell phone sanitizers is pathetic IMO, and I heard that these “cleaners” are actually filthy over time and become a housing for germs and bacteria. Just relaying INFO I’ve read before about this. No personal experience. :-\

Why do the bacteria on my cellphone and on my toothbrush need to be destroyed? I always see descriptions for these products that say what they do, but never why I need to do that

I just gargle with bleach

Bleach? Come on man, everyone just gargles with Everclear nowadays.

Telephone sanitizer?
No comments about the “B” ark yet?

I came here to say that I am somewhat disappointed in the service on the “B” ark, but I don’t need this product because there are plenty of phone sanitizers aboard…

I’ve been taking a bath for years so my phone doesn’t even need to be sanitized!

I ordered a set of violights in the past because i thought it was a neat toothbrush holder and the sanitizer portion was bonus. They all broke. :frowning: no more violights

Not me, I use Never-Wet, as the plaque and bacteria just slides right off!

Phone Sanitizer is 24.99 + shipping on amazon. Seems like a cool product once you realize how dirty your phone is - but not enough reviews for me to pull the trigger