Violight Silver Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer



Comes with a refurbished matching toothbrush. [j/k]

what no toothbrush?

mmmmm…looks healthy

this is what ive been waiting for?

This is what the Woot-off is all about. Well worth waiting for

My mouth feels SOOOOOO DIRTY…

Does it work for SoniCare toothbrushes?

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Review at the gadgeteer

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Watch Out, Our Teeth!

Perfect - I can brush all the paint off my teeth from the last item.

gives a whole new meaning to being born with a silver spoon in your mouth…

This isnt getting closer to a netbook.

I wonder how long they spent shopping for a toothbrush for this photo shoot.

Will this one work with my iPad?

Ah, for those without running water.

Are you kidding me? What, is the Woot staff cleaning out their aunts’ and uncles’ garage sales?

I don’t see how you’d get your toothbrush in your mouth with this gizmo on it!