Violight Silver Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer

Boy, I could have used this when my husband used MY toothbrush to clean his cowboy hat! (When I asked him why he used mine, he said it was because he didn’t want to get his dirty…)

There’s a special on bedbugs at kidswoot.

Oh, they come in colors! Good to know.

got mine in pervious woot.
I don’t know how good it works, but love the blue light in the dark. It motivates me to brush my teeth more often!
Also it automatically turns off after 8 mins, cool stuff.

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Which says:

Why not just stick this in your mouth? Stop wasting time getting the germs onto the brush first!

My toothbrush hasn’t killed me in 36 years. Why do I need this?

linky-links are delicious.

I dunno… maybe it would be a device that cleans between your toes.

These are kind fun and kill all the gems that grow on a toothbrush :slight_smile: Really want to know who was holding out on the silver ones when I bought a couple that were blue and white!

Toothbrush credited to NightGhost…

Here’s the manual

Gotta admit, that’s a damn fine reason!

same price as other sites if you add 5$ shipping

Why do you think we’re all here? Branding of Cattle. We get no utility from these items, only the utility that we hope we can get from the Bar of Chocolate.

TL;DR. You need this thing.

I like them with my eggi-wegs and steaky-wakes.

Because cancer is worse for your mouth than cavities or halitosis.

Wow… there’s a manual??? (don’t forget to clean the drip tray :wink: )

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