Violight Sonic Ion Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer with 4 Toothbrush Heads


Have one, cant complain and this is a good price for it…

$89.95 on maufacturer’s website makes this a steal

Manf Website

On Amazon

Edit: Nightghooooooooooost! shakes tiny fist

Two reviews of the “UV Sanitizer” component of the product. Please note the reviews are for the standalone sanitizer, but is the same operation and equipment as what is included:

Review at Geardiary

Review at TechAbsorbed

Roses are red, Violights are blue
My toothbrush is clean now, but this doesn’t rhyme

This looks a lot more solid than those toys they were selling over at kids.woot.

Also, what frequency do the bristles vibrate at?


30,000 vibrations per minute?

Errhm…Maybe this might have a purpose other than just a toothbrush…

Where do you go to get replacement heads?

where can you get replacement heads for theses things… and how much do they cost? are they sonicare compatible heads? i mean what good is it if you cant find new brush heads… just sayin…

An alarm clock or a pager? That’s kind of preposterous though, don’t you think?

Aside from the value of “sanitizing” the heads being questionable - someone explain to me, what is the value of being able to sanitize up to 4 heads at a time???

Is it supposed to be a one brush for the whole family deal, just snap on your head and go? I think it would still be kind of anti-sanitary??? If not - what normal person would use 4 heads on their toothbrush concurrently?

Oh, this one’s for the mornings, that one’s for evenings, third one for weekend use and fourth is for when I come home drunk?

So - another marketing gimmick?

They must make them. There is a customer service line.


Don’t see 'em.

Well I can’t find replacement heads now. But it does come with 4. And there is a customer service line here

bottom right

WOW, there is a review site for just about anything…

I found a number of VioLight products here too.

I have to say I didn’t have much luck with this toothbrush, but then I was trying to use it to brush my cat’s teeth. She was unaccountably reluctant to let me do that, and in fact disappeared for three days after our first attempt. It would probably help if someone invented tuna-flavored toothpaste for cats.

It worked well for me, though. I figured, why waste a perfectly good electronic vibrating toothbrush if you’ve paid good money for it?

Apparently the sanitizing aspect is effective, as I didn’t develop any life-threatening diseases from using it after trying it on Fluffy.