Violight Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer



Hmm…reviews are mixed on Amazon.


I think the disease is spelled “Listeria” not “Listernia” do they give out free sanitizers for pointing out typos?


I trust that many negative reviews. The travel unit previously sold here was a washout too. Non of the four I purchased worked either at all, or quit very quickly. Great idea, poor execution.


Apparently, the main issues are that the unit isn’t properly waterproofed, so it fails after using it for so long, and that it doesn’t have any way for water to drain, so mildew can grow in it.

Seems like this does the complete opposite of what you’d want a sanitizer to do.


Without dragging out your petri dishes, microscope, and other supplies, how can you tell it works?

"While there is evidence of bacterial growth on toothbrushes, there is no clinical evidence that soaking a toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthrinse or using a commercially-available toothbrush sanitizer has any positive or negative effect on oral or systemic health. "


Well, it kills “Listernia”!
I’m sold!


Nah, don’t bother. Bought two of them and they s-u-c-k. 3 AAA batteries need to be replaced every two times I sanitize the toothbrushes. Not mentioning the weird metallic smell it leaves on.


Thanks to all of you who have shared the review info!!


For all who have shared ad according to all the reviews (hey, it’s 3:30 am and I just awoke from my slumber) would it work if the toothbrhsb is completely dry? I’d think that would solve some of the issues mentioned.


These are great at preventing faeries and demons from taking up residence in your bathroom.


Here is that first link in link form.

“To date, however, no published research data documents that brushing with a contaminated toothbrush has led to recontamination of a user’s mouth, oral infections, or other adverse health effects.”

This is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.


bought one from woot a while ago. Eventually the water leaked into the battery compartment and the batteries were corroded. When I opened it up to see why it didn’t work there was mold everywhere. They seem like they do their intended purpose until you need to sanitize the device itself. Maybe I didn’t maintain it properly?


We’ve gone through 5 of these units in the past and all of them just broke. I wouldn’t take these for free.


When I first saw them I thought they were toilet brushes


Nope - mine stopped working after a few months & I always put my toothbrush in dry. (one of the reviews on Amazon is mine.)


When it comes to toothbrushes in my house, I’ll stick with
a) occasionally rinsing with peroxide, alcohol, or Listerine
b) replacing every month, which is costly, but I really could care less


Germs are good for you, they strengthen your immune system. If you were to cut out every conceivable germ, you’d die when a breeze hit you.

There’s like only 1 or 2, very extreme circumstances where having one of these might make sense.

But for everyone else, it’s just stupidity. Just like certain antibacterial soaps that does more harm than good when you’re not a healthcare worker, and even then there’re suspicions if it’s not the best solution.


I ordered two of these early this morning before reading the reviews. Now, I want to cancel but cannot find the ‘request cancellation link’ Woot says to do if you change your mind. I would be grateful for any help from someone here.


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