Viper 1-way Security System with Remote

Do installation instructions come with?

Yes. It’s linked in the features if you want to look through it.

keep in mind that some local shops won’t install units if not purchased at their shop (or they may install and not honor their usual warranty).

If you bring in something not bought in store, they will usually install, adding extra $$$ to the install fee.

If you mean the owner’s manual, that didn’t really have any installation instructions…Just usage instructions. I’m assuming that’s because they expect you to take it to some place to get it installed. I had one similar to this installed in my wife’s car and because it had one of those diodes in the key, they had to sacrifice one of our keys to put that into the starter.

That’s why I was curious about the installation instructions.

Hey there. Talked to the Tools team. Buyer found this in the manual:

  • Make sure that you receive the proof of purchase from your dealer, indicating the product was installed by an authorized Directed dealer.

Looks like it must be professionally installed for warranty support so no instructions.

Will this work on my cat?

Viper is still around?? Dang. :smiley:

Yes, but only if it’s professionally installed.

You should have made a duplicate key first then sacrificed the one for the starter.