Viral Kawaii

It’s cute, but I’m not so sure I want to wear a shirt with herpes all over it.

I love the back-handedness of this tee. Congrats, bootsy!

This shirt’s danger is quite real if you are allergic to cotton.

I’d love to see this artist’s take on a happy Ebola virus.

Aww… I don’t think I ever wanted Mono as much as I do now…

a shirt perfect for people who want to be loners

and what i just figured out, people will seriously buy this for their kids

This is hilariously funny. I like it although I have no idea what people are going to think when I wear this. This may not be a good message to send out haha o~0

People afraid of a shirt that says “herpes” on it are the reason I just bought one. Boo! :wink:

Dont know how I feel about wearing a shirt claiming that I might or might not have herpes.:confused:

Finally have a shirt to match all my Giant Microbes plushies.

Glorious, Boots, so glad it printed!

Hmmm, I was hoping another shirt in the derby won 3rd place. I’m disappointed now and going to bed. : - (

Great shirt but it almost implies that I have herpes. Who would want to walk up to some respectable lady while wearing this shirt? She’d look at you, completely charmed by your brilliant looks and dashing smile, then take one look at the herpes on your shirt and run away. That is a risk that I’d rather not take.

They look like puffer-fish, and are just as deadly!

These are pretty inaccurate. Especially the meningococcus, its round.

Herpes is really something that should be never be made “cute”…

Awesome Disturbed reference in the artist bio, btw…

This. It’s all good.

Contagious cuteness…and it sneezes on you.

“But doctor, they looked so friendly!”