Virgin Electronics 5GB MP3 Player w/FM Tuner and Boomtube Speakers


Monday, December 12, 2005


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]p3, aaxiom owns the Boomtube and “must say that they blow pretty severely”
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]p7, thatmarkguy says, “after much, much, much struggling, I finally got mine working again” and has some advice.



too much for me, but nice woot


cool, and with Christmas so close…
It’s already bouncing, Guess they don’t have many.


nice deal


2 woot in 1, great


Nice. I like my ipod, though.


Now were talking, woohoot!!!


Nice woot


ahh too bad it has the mp3 player (without an ipod that is) or i’d pick it up
cool woot though


Decent, does anyone know anything about the boomtube? Then again, if they are nice, I’ll probably not get a chance to buy them before getting an answer… Google away!!


nice woot


ehh, already rockin the ipod, so dont need it, but really nice though


Hmm… Worth it? not sure… have to sit on the fence for now.


these are crazy for the price
only wish i can go for it


Any reviews? <3 woot!


dang… too rich, a MP3 player for the nephews would be cool, but not for that much.


Isn’t Virgin dumping their electronics stuff??


Woot Woot Im seriously thinking about it Anyone have any exp with this in the past ??


good for gifts, too much dough for me, already have an ipod. woot on, 1st page.<br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>