Virgin Electronics 5GB MP3 Player w/FM Tuner and Boomtube Speakers


Pass, but decent price on a 5gig and I like the boom tubes…


Ah, that’s what happened to the iPod competition… relegated to Woot-ness.


more music stuff. great.


Looks like a decent combo at a good price?


Not a bad deal, looks like it gets a good review at Cnet and the combo will cost you over $200 at Amazon.

ok, since no one else wants to post info, I’ll post what I’ve found:

Virgin support for the mp3 player:

Virgin product info for the mp3 player

Virgin support for the boomtubes

Virgin product info for the boomtubes

engadget review from 10-2004:

engadget story about Virgins untimely demise:

Cnet review on the mp3 player (it gets a 7.310 or very good rating)


Someone care to enlighten me? Is this a good deal?


Awesome woot, but I’m poor :slight_smile:


Hmmm might make a nice gift


Decent, already have a 6 gb mini though.


i would pull the trigger on it if it was the ex speakers, just because i want those. The mp3 would be a nice add on.


It’s something new, and something old. great for the brides in your life.


Are these the crappy speakers? or the Boomtube ex speakers??? If they’re EX its a good deal… else its just a 119$ mp3 player.


Virgin Electronics Player VM-500 (5GB)

The good: Small and light; dedicated function buttons; supports DRM-protected WMAs (PlaysForSure designation coming soon); dual headphone jacks; FM tuner; kitschy, user-friendly interface; comes preloaded with some songs.

The bad: Unimpressive battery life; must install music manager plug-in before transferring tunes; lacks recording features; no on-the-go playlist feature; unorthodox method of transferring playlists.

The bottom line: A good device for MP3 novices, the VM-500 has some quirky and likable features, but its poor battery life spoils the party.

Rating? 7.3/10 (VERY GOOD)

-ZDNet Reviews


Very Nice WOOT for Christmas :slight_smile:


this is a good combo woot! considering a buy myself


What, not refurbished???
How can I have a good Christmas…
Dude, we need refurbished and NOW!!!


excellent woot… reviews not great, but considering that the mp3 player is under $100 in the bundle…


Anyone have any side by side comparison to the iPod’s screen and ease of browsing?


Not a bad deal. This could cost over two bills at other stores. Not for me I am happy with my Rio with only 256 megs?


awesome woot but not for me today put some stuff up for cars like an in-dash dvd player ha that would be the day GOD I LOVE THIS SITE THOUGH!!!