Virgin Electronics Boomtube Portable Speakers

[imgleft][/imgleft] Monday, October 17, 2005

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This is as close as it gets to an afternoon product release I guess. It’d be funny to segment by credit card when we launch an item. Anyways, if you have a visa card, come on in… the store is now open.

Mid-Morning update by Snapster 10:54am:

Two frustrations combined this morning:

  1. Our credit card processor apparently is decline happy today, responding with an undocumented decline code for some order attempts. They are attempting to cover their butts by describing some sort of large scale “VISA problem”. For us, the buck stops with them (literally and figuratively) and we don’t see any news or blog evidence of Visa having large scale trouble today. However, it may very well be that it is VISA related within the process of our specific merchant approval process. Until we have more information on this problem, our best advice is to try a non-VISA card if you are experiencing trouble. Test orders on our end have gone through without any trouble, and we are still getting significant order flow. (we don’t have direct access to which cards are being used for obvious security reasons)

  2. As discussed below in Dave Bug’s early morning update, today’s product picture and text was set up incorrectly in the 12am to 2am-ish time frame. The product shown was the EX speaker, a better speaker (larger, rechargable batteries) and in a matter of a few minutes we of course received thousands of orders (ironically, impact may have been slightly reduced by the Visa issue above). Dave Bug’s recommendations below remain solid. We will also be sending an apology email for the confusion and holding all orders in that time frame for 1 additional day to allow time for cancellation requests. We will also brainstorm on any customer enhancement we can afford to those affected by this mixup.

On both issues today, we really appreciate your patience and hope to come out of this double wammy to everyone’s satisfaction by this afternoon.

[end snapsters 10:54 update]

[size=24]IMPORTANT UPDATE (last updated: 1:40am)[/size]
by Dave Bug

The incorrect picture, product name, and feature specs were shown for this product. This is not the EX model we previously sold.

The correct product picture is:

If you purchased these speakers expecting them to be the EX model and you now no longer wish to purchase them, write us with your order number and the words “CANCEL MY BOOMTUBE ORDER” and we will take care of you.

We will email the early purchasers of this product later this morning to pass on similar information, explaining specifically what product we are selling, and give them an opportunity to cancel their order prior to the product shipping.

Sorry about the mix-up, we will do our best to get this worked out for everyone.

At 1:40am I went into the office and made the front-page changes (picture, feature list, and product name). Our web farm could take up to 30 minutes from that time to fully sync up. Therefore, if you are reading this after arriving at the site post-2:10am, the front page and blog should reflect the new, accurate information (ie, the non-EX model of the Boomtube speakers).

The correct feature list follows:

Hardware Features

* Unique tubular design for durability and sound quality
* Beadblasted aluminium casing looks great and has superior acoustic properties
* Two 2” satellite speakers with standard RCA inputs
* Patent pending twist and lock mechanism to attach satellites to base
* Aluminium speaker cones for better audio quality and style
* Illuminated power button (amber for battery powered, green for AC powered)
* Headphone input jack for muting the speakers and listening with headphones
* Volume control settings 0 to 10

Audio Features

* Driver size: 2×56mm
* Driver type: Dual neodymium
* System response: 50hz-20KHz
* Signal/Noise Ratio: >70db
* Power: 4 Watts RMS
* Bass Technology: MaxxBass® Connectors
* Standard 3.5mm stereo audio in jack
* Stereo RCA output jacks (left and right)
* Standard 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
* 6V DC power in port (optional adaptor available)

Whats in the Box

* Virgin Electronics boomtube portable speakers
* Two RCA cables, 3 feet each
* One 3.5mm stereo audio input cables
* Durable nylon carrying case
* Quick Start Guide
* 4 AA batteries

And all of this after I had to watch my beloved Cardinals go down 3 games to 1. Now it is time for me to get some sleep.

no thanks
must admit - i must be getting old
do you ever get too old to W00T?

WOOTSYOURDEAL! ™ - So… woot is your deal anyway [;)]

Virgin Electronics Boomtube Portable Speakers $19.99 + $5 shipping

I am definitely in on this, this time around!! Grabbed 2… Thanks Woot!

Best price on Froogle for new - $39


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Deja Vu? Are these any good?

didn’t want them the first time, I don’t want them now. But apperantly woot had sales patterns (or just left over inventory) to suggest other people might. Oh well, maybe one day i’ll actually buy a woot…

Sick I could hook these up to my goped and really piss off the neighborhood

my first woot post and it is something that has been on before. Oh well not for me today

Aw, shucks!

Didn’t I pay more for this a week ago?

who uses this? 40 watts…

Once again, a pretty cool pair of speakers, this time I bought them, last time the Woot Gods didnt agree!!

weren’t these just on sale here for $30?

Wow, that’s two nights of repetition

Again? What the wooot? I thought I saw this last week. Maybe I am going crazy but hey it is still a sweet deal.

I would love these if I need them.
Hi, Dave, Hi Luke, Hi Jason.

Hi, Woot.

I got the better ones a little while ago.



Didn’t they just have these, like, last week?

weren’ these $30 the last time around?

Weren’t these just on a week ago?

And where are the results of the photoshop contest?

This bites! I just bought this last week, for $30 On here too!!! Can I get a rebate?
It’s not as loud as I thought it would be either.