Virgin Electronics Boomtube Portable Speakers


[imgleft][/imgleft] Thursday, November 24, 2005


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Several posts that actually say something:
[]aznhalf has 'em, likes 'em and is giving them as gifts.
]aoviss and calquest compare these w/ the EX model and explain why the latter is better.
[]sun365 has issues w/ the power source, but uncjigga provides a solution…and an EX upgrade kit*.
]Aw, then speedwell says Virgin Electronics no longer sells the kit. Care to do further research? truckdude does.
]ggreiner purchased this boomtube and links to the Radio Shack adapter that works with this.
[*]BLawruk “shares” a quote from a review and mrbrightside finds the link to the rest of it.



more speakers!!


damn, its the lame non ex version :frowning:


boring, we’ve seen these things like 4 times on here. i want omnifi!


speakers? who could i give those to for xmas…


you’re seriously kidding right? no, cmon woot, you’re joking me.

the majority of the last week or two of woots have been freakin speakers


I was hoping to get some more Exlax. At least it isnt another fiasco like the last time.

Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving all!


I want it…hi mom…sned money


no more speakers!


happy thanksgiving. but again i get nothing and like it. and i was so hoipng for a decent birthday present.


What is this, like 4 times? :slight_smile:


Nice woot!


I was NOT saying Bo - urns…





Wow, What A w00T! Count me in, and on the first page!




$50 on ebay with shipping


Newegg $25.99

Come on Woot, you are slipping.

First page, //007


Are these the same ones everyone seems to mention with a shudder???