Virginia Tech


Keep everyone in Blacksburg in your thoughts.

I hope everyone you know and love down here is okay.


I have nothing to say about this.


Columbine-15 dead
Virginia- 33 dead
Austin (1966)-16-18 dead
9/11- 3,000+ dead

The news is sensationalizing this event as the worst school shooting in the US. In context of these times, it is a tragedy, but putting the label of worst (though accurate) does not seem appropriate. It is in scale with other school shootings when compared to 9/11, casualties in Iraq. Even compared to Belsan school massacre, with over 344 dead, this is not a significant deviation from US casualties. While the higher numbers come from terrorist activities of many people planning together, we have only to look at the Oklahoma City bombing that was a home-grown massacre perpetrated by a few people.

Instead, the media could be portraying the human face of the story, the causes for it, the outreach that is already happening to the community and victims’ families, and many other things. Instead I have heard “the worst school shooting in US history” repeatedly.

Is this now part of our collective society? Do we accept it as a regular news story? Is the solution around gun control or outreach to people likely to commit such acts?


All of which are nothing compared to WWI and WWII, but that doesn’t make them any less tragic.
That being said, when I went to the CNN website I found it sickening.

Edit: I don’t think there are many good reporters out there anymore. The news is crap.


I am not saying it is less tragic. I am just reacting to the news trying to sensationalize this event as “the worst ever US school shooting.” Yes it is, but that doesn’t make it any more or less tragic.


Unfortunately the “news” today is nothing more than who can be the most sensational.


But still, 30 something kids, that were alive and healthy yesterday are dead today.
Life can change in a second. We all know it, but it still shocks us when it happens.


As an alumnus of Virginia Tech, saying that this has been a terrible day is an understatement at best. Almost 20 years ago when I applied to Tech is was one of the in-state schools that if you were a decent student you could pretty much guarantee you would get into. I was a very good student and people asked me “Why did you choose Tech?” The best answer I could ever come up with was “When I went to visit the campus, everyone was so friendly. Any time we asked someone (student, staff, local, whoever) for directions or advice, they were always happy to help. Dad was pretty free with the fact that we were visiting and I was trying to decide where to go, and everyone told me I should go there, I would love it. I felt like family in just a matter of the four or five hours that I was there on a brisk day in February.”

I spent four and a half good years there and I go back for just about every home football game, but my allegiance does not end with athletics. I get the news reports about new research developments and forward the particularly interesting ones on to my friends and relatives. Virginia Tech is my family. It has been since that day in February. I lost at least 32 members of my family today :frowning:


I’m sorry for your loss. I wish there was more I could say.





as hard as these are to read, this is the human face of this tragedy. It is what I am looking for rather than some news person. Also, pbowman, your input has helped. To know and connect to people and their stories is more real for me than stats or hype.


Half of my post this week won’t post…I will try again.

To anyone involved in any way…you went to the school, you know the kids who were hurt or killed…My heart and prayers go out to you.

I couldn’t look at the my space. I have kids that age. We had 9 kids die since my kids started HS, mostly car accidents and one with meningitis…he had the shot and still died in less than a day.
The LIRR shooting, when a guy just took out a gun and started shooting…was our stop. Neighbors came home covered in blood, if he wasn’t stopped, 3 kids that my kids know would have had parents killed that day.
Plus we are only 15 miles from the city and have two firemen in the family…both were in the buildings when they started to fall, but because they were only in the lobby they both got out. Now they have the lung disease.

Life can change on a dime.

So, once again, to anyone in anyway involved, I am truly sorry for your loss.

For anyone who lived through something similar and now need to revisit all the emotions again, you have my prayers and thoughts.

It is a good day to hug everyone you love. A good day to tell people what they mean to you.

So, all my woot friends…I appreciate your friendship and fights and laughs. I hope we can all be here for years to come.


We often don’t think about sharing our feelings until tragedy strikes in some way, but remember to stop & tell some one how much they are loved. Don’t take anyone for granted.


Just being able to say some things and get them out has been good for me. The first kid I saw confirmed was the Ryan Clark kid, who was the Resident Adviser in the dorm. Because of its proximity to practice fields, there are a lot of Marching Band members there. I lived in the next dorm over, but had dozens of friends in AJ, so many in fact that they talked me into being an equipment manager for the band my last two years. I didn’t know Ryan, but I knew a dozen just like him…bubbly, cheery; the student leadership of the band are among the most dedicated Hokies anywhere. I’ve tried not to turn on the TV or radio today. The names and the details are making it too personal. Several from where I now live are now confirmed dead. I am a grad student and need to finish a project tonight for a class tomorrow but I can’t even seem to concentrate on my topic long enough to get started.




Never good when something like this happens. Just like to say I hope those families can get past this sad time in their lives ok. Hate does no good festering inside of us.