Virtuous Vises

Does anyone have ad"vise" on which one a newb DIYer like me would get the best use out of?

I have been a big fan of the 5" steel bench vise that I own - they are made from steel which is much stronger than cast iron vises found at most stores.

The 5" Rotating Vise looks identical to the one sold by Harbor freight. It is cast. It has horrible reviews. That one would be a safer gamble at $56.

What do you do?

Your vises designate what your vice should be.




Man (woman) of all trades?

Every use, needs a different vise.

You help us out, we help YOU out.

Personally, I need 4 or 5 vises. (For, my 4 or 5 vices.)


Not bad for light duty. I have one.

Whats the country of origin?

I do mostly woodworking and tinkering with things.

Prices not that great.

For a moment I thought it said vitreous vices, and I was gonna say glass and vices sounds like a really bad combo.