VisionQuest 3.5” Digital Photo Frame Pen Holder

I’ll take the chic on the left!

someone at woot has an asian and indian fetish

Ouch. Orange leather.

a) what decor will that possibly match?
b) what orange animal donated to this?

What is UP with all these digital photo frames? I hate them.

Sweet, I have been looking for a frame with VisionQuest written on it…

do the cute girls come with it??

There you go.

Orange leather, even.

Someone who works at FedEx

Rest assured, by the end of this wootoff, there will be nary a digital photo that has gone unframed.

Cool idea. Good price. Bad color. But I’m not buying something made of leather in any case.


that is surprisingly a novel idea. why didn’t i think of that?

Does it only display photos of Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino?

Product Website

$20 at Amazon

Not if i take her first. i’ll buy them all if it include her.

What? No Matthew Modine wisecracks??

In for three if it comes with the Asian girl on the left. :wink:

Can I use this as a Yahtzee dice cup?

These are exceptional for when you have a girlfriend that kind of looks like your other girlfriend. If she says, “honey, who is that in that picture?” you can just reply, “Why darling, that’s you. You just were a little skinnier, had whiter teeth and were blonde in that picture.”

Wow, getting my xmas shopping done in 1 day :slight_smile: