VisionQuest 5” Digital Photo Frame

gay parade?


Booo. Bad woots are bad.

5 inches is too small <-- that’s what she said

$32.00 at Amazon!

Grrrr, you beat me by a few milliseconds.
$32 over at Amazon

It had to be Clowns… I hate Clowns.

$32 on amazon?

does it come with the peyote buttons needed to induce the vision quest that will bring about many randomized images? If so, this is certainly worth the money.

Great price, but really I’ve never heard of, or used, any of those memory sticks. SD support anyone?

Anyone remember the birthday coupon code?

These are good to load your pr0n onto, so you have a nice conversation starter for your guests.

My second BOOOO of the wootoff

These photo frames are only good as gifts IMO. I never liked the 7" samsung I bought coz of the size.

Remember Monty Python’s Animal House?

Louden Swain is not amused. Not at all.

She’d be right! Well unless you’re not talking length.

how long does a digital photo last? and can this rotate pictures?

my first woot off!! are you still limited to one order for the day on a woot-off?