VisionQuest Black 7” Tri-Section Digital Photo Frame Woot Info Post is like a joke?

VisionQuest Black 7” Tri-Section Digital Photo Frame [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Visionquest VIQ-VQA-70PAW Black 7” DPF

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VisionQuest Black 7" Tri-Section Digital Photo Frame
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Visionquest VIQ-VQA-70PAW Black 7" DPF

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It’s going by fast now :slight_smile:

lol another digital frame oh woot you

what sad bastard has 3 pictures of food in a frame.

Now I think I’m going to have dinner after seeing that.

I laughed at the middle sandwich.

Is that…a bacon burger…with glazed donuts for buns?

Hah, the refrence is win. Love the picture.

If it comes with Linda Fiorentino… I’m in for three!!!

this isnt the bag of crap i was wanting

Two real photos to make that digital one in the middle look like crap! Cool!

I want the bacon cheeseburger on glazed donuts!

MMMMMM Bacon, and breakfast food…YUMMY!!

guess it is a multi day woot off huh

Who takes pictures of their lunch, only to display their glutony proudly on their new digital picture frame?

aww i thought it was 3 digital photo displays. i was like coooooool.

Is that a bacon and Krispy Kreme donut sammich? Awesome!

Come on BOC !