Visit Outside

SO many people need this shirt. I’m looking at you, gamers.

Hooray! Great fun mix. Let’s go adventuring!

That was my thoughts exactly! I like the big sun in the background, too.

What is this “outside” of which you speak?

So the idea is that inside is not real and therefore an illusion? Since this shirt was made inside, is it an illusion?

What a hoot! I love it that this shirt made me laugh out loud, if not LOL.

Know how many times I have been sun burnt while inside? Zero. Outside is evil, inside is safe

Yay! Congrats Jamie!

I’ve been preaching this for years! This shirt makes me happy for sure.

I figured this would place in the top three but an extra congrats for taking the top spot!

Outside: according to my cats, Tabitha and Miranda, it is The Big Room… ooooohhh Scary!!!

Pity that the Indoors People won’t see it when you wear it outside :wink:

I’m a geocacher. I love e the great outdoors, except for in the spring, summer, and fall when stuffs alive and trying to eat/poison me. Cue The Lemon Heads “I lied about being the outdoor type.”

Is there an e version of the outdoors?

I’d love me some eoutdoors.

Very nice design! And an important message. Great job, BootsBoots!
Definitely a buy :slight_smile:

Time spent AFK is time spent IRL!

Love the message, find it ironic it is printed on asphalt.

You’re right, I will go outside! I’ll buy this shirt at the WOOT store instead of the website! Now I just have to find it while ‘unplugged’; I think I’ll search northward first!

Alright, go Boots! Definitely my pick for 1st. ::shirt get::

I’ve only left the house five times since Christmas, one of those was for the dentist and another I got chased by a Frankenstein. (true story)

congrats Boots!!!