Visit Outside

STILL waiting for this brilliant shirt to be offered in a colour besides “ash grey”, “brown” and “maroon”. Seriously GREAT shirt, why the crappy colour choices???

It says the design is in the bottom 43% of woot! shirts…well no wonder: the whole point of it that Outside is bright and glorious and worth being in. Let the shirt colour show that.

Right now, I’m not surprised everyone not only doesn’t look up from their devices to read it, but they don’t even know that this shirt is in the room. Help make Outside look as glorious as it IS!

I’m aching to buy one, but I’m not throwing my money away on dismal colours. Not with this design!

I’m dying to buy one, but not this design in a dismal colour. Completely defeats the point.

I think it would look great on the lighter blue color that the “I couldn’t care less” shirt came in. I agree it’s an awesome shirt. But dang all the shirts seem to be so dark all the time. More light choices please!