VISM By NcSTAR 2 Point/1 Point Sling

Guess this isn’t for a hand gun huh😡
Amazon owns you now Woot, guess they’re making up Corporate Policy for you Guys too… so sad😒

Ummm…this is clearly a sling for many carbine rifles. How would you attach a 55" sling to a handgun and for what purpose?

Seeing this in the daily email, I like how it’s not until the third bullet(heh) point under “Features” that we’re told WTF this thing is for.

That way if you don’t know what it’s for, you won’t go getting your knickers all in a wad “just because it offends your delicate nature”.

Do they not sell hand gun accessories? I’m not sure what this comment is expressing. If they don’t sell handgun accessories it’s just helping out local armories and I like both of the places I usually go to for firearms and am happy that they will be getting more business because of foolish decisions in policy. Attempting to demonize firearms by refusing to sell them or components is silly at best as production of both the gun and any accessories can, for the most part, be done by individuals with a little practice. At least until lathes and drill presses are made illegal. Anyway, let the foolish do as they want.

Are there no BLACK colored ones left to choose from at all at this point?

Sorry. Black is sold out.

Okay thanks

Oh no, it’s a high powered assault sling! Please try not to melt as you recoil in horror.

P.S. Ordered two. Just got couple more AR’s and these will do nicely.

This thing is so bad. The quality seems ok but it’s wayyyy too long.