VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

After the discussion that occurred with the last rifle bag that showed up here on Woot, I would like it stated for the record that I am NOT making any statement concerning this bag, how it is marketed, what someone will use it for, shooting sports in general, or firearms of any sort or style.

That being said, I ask only that nobody misread the above sentence and begin to lecture me on how any particular part of a firearm functions. This request may sound incredibly weird, but it has happened before!

Although I will say that I do like the Blue and Black color offered here…

You could have just said nothing, too

I’m offended that you like the black and blue offered here!!

I read Jon651’s comment 3 times and they pretty much said nothing. LOL

Your comment makes not a lick of sense. Unless someone read the last comment you made, I don’t see a need for clarification. Besides…that explanation should have been made where there was confusion. Instead you just interjected a nonsensical comment, introducing confusion where there wasn’t any.

For the record, measure twice and cut once. When in doubt mumble.

So hey, how about this case?

Great reviews on the Mothership!

but guns are used for fear…

fearful people “need” guns to protect themselves from others with guns…

america is ruined now that we live in fear…to bad we no longer live in a society of education and intellectualism…thanks gun owners!

Your welcome. In for one of these fine cases.

As am I - that’s what makes it so great!

Now can anyone tell me if the three outer pockets shown in the photos be removed from the main body of the bag - either by velcro or zipper? I can’t tell and the description doesn’t say.

Sorry for any confusion over my original post - it would have made more sense if I had linked the original conversation, but alas it is not to be, so the confusion shall remain!

Heh. That’s a pretty broad generalization.

In an age of Woot! reviews and Twitter, you blame carbine cases for the endumbening of America. That’s…something.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go put some holes in some evil, evil pieces of paper, because of how fearful I am.

P.S. Seriously – are the exterior pockets removable?

I believe I have one just like this, just not directly that brand, bought from PSA with their name embroidered on it.

Pockets on mine are NOT removable, but obviously flatten very well with the strap. But, that then leaves the excess strap flapping around.


reasonably accurate one too.

Bought one from the mother ship for $60 earlier this year. The 55" is just big enough for my 3-gun shotgun with a +9 magazine tube extension. It measures right at 55", but can fit I angle it a little.

The case has been really good so far. I’ve had 3-4 rifles gently packed in there weighing over 40 lbs. and the straps and zippers have held up. The backpack straps bunch and twist some, but are usable.

Front pockets are NOT removable. There is a zipper around them, but it’s for a medium size pocket that’s half the length of the case, but can’t be completely detached. The external pockets have fabric dividers in them, will hold 4 AR mags comfortably (as long as they’re not over 30 rounds).

If gun owners were truly the problem, you’d know it by now. Some of the lowest estimates still put us at 1/3 of the US population. The 10K or so murders committed every year put us at .0078% of gun owners being the problem. And I would hope that the large percentage of murders committed by gang bangers and other felons would not be lumped in with lawful gun owners.

We have a crime problem, a gang problem, a drug problem, and a poverty problem, but it’s a lot easier to just say “the guns are the problem!” Unfortunately, even if you could convince lawful gun owners to give up all their guns, the criminal element would still have them, and would likely be emboldened by the disarming of their potential victims. So…no thanks.

I would like to point out that fear, in general, and function, in particular, are both tangents of specific purpose. Given any singular purpose, a direct correlation can be derived to nothing more than that which is the end result of kinetic forces.

Given any two possible outcomes, either a positive or negative interpretation is assigned by an outside observer. All conclusions drawn at the termination of previous outcomes cease to process information at that point.

My personal belief, based upon observations made up until this current time nexus, is that I like having the pockets permanently attached, so they will not fall off.

In for one.

Dang, that’s a nice looking bag and practical. It looks like my Voodoo Tactical except that’s only a single.
I have VISM Discrete that’s a double and it’s an excellent bag except there are no outside pockets for extra stuff. I may have to think about this for a minute.