VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

For use with Car-Beans only
Car-Bynes need not apply

I have two of this bag in different sizes, they’re awesome. I’d grab a third if I had any use for it but I started transporting my SBR separately in a scabbard once I got my suppressor out of NFA jail and brought it home so even if I take it and three or four more rifles I still have plenty of space.

I’d love to see Woot get a deal on the GPS Handgunner backpacks, think you can look into it oh Thighs of Thunder?

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Can anyone say how the length spec relates to actual available interior length? I have a Speedmaster BDL that’s 40" long. Would it comfortably fit the 42" bag (along with a 10/22)?

I have one of these bags and I like it alot (I think it is the 46"). The backpack straps on the back make it easier to move from the car to a range, especially an indoor range. The 42" bag might be tight with the Speedmaster. The bag has pockets at each end for the stock and barrel and then two velcro straps to help hold your guns in. My big concern for you with the 42" bag would be that the bag’s padding might get in the way getting the gun in and out. My 10/22 carbine ends up sliding to one end since it is fairly short, but i have had no issues carrying my 10/22 and another rifle. That said the padding protects my guns fairly well and the pockets are handy to keep most everything for my rifles in one bag.

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Second on those GPS Handgunner backpacks!

This thing is really well-made, has a ton of pockets for safety glasses, ear protectors, two rifles, a bunch of handguns, ammo, magazines, cleaning kit… Regular suit-case style carrying straps, backpack straps, Molle-attachment points, D-rings, adjustable everyting, and even pockets hidden inside of pockets with zippers on them…

The only problem? I wish I bought two… I know a friend who’s gonna be jealous of this!