Vism by NcStar PVC First Responders Utility Bag

I use the blue one of these as a trauma bag in my car: Plenty of space for a solid medical kit to connect on the side with molle then fill with Israeli bandages, a tourniquet, chest vents/seals, etc. They are comfortable too for using as a camera bag or similar.

Some of these features are hilarious for a first responder (I’m a ski patrol so I’m almost a first responder) M4 magazine pouches, pocket for concealed carry? Howabout just calling them pouches and pockets.

I know right? They are totally absurd lol

I thought it was a backpack. It’s not and I’m actually upset about looks like one I. The photos but its more like a hipster bag or a purse. Not cool!

It has shoulder straps but it’s a utility bag per the title. The size is quite a bit smaller than a backpack:

Dimensions: 14.7 x 11.5 x 3.9 Inches

However, if you want to return it, you can do a self return via your order details in Your Account.