Vista 3-Person Tree Tent

Just not wrapping my head around this tent-in-a-tree idea. Having slept in hammocks, I can’t see everyone staying in the same place during the night and all will end up in a human pile of rubble in the middle of the floor.

Looked at one of these at a gear show a while back and they are nothing like a hammock.It didn’t seem like the pictures show, they stretched it so tight that you could walk on it without depressing the floor much at all. And I think the way it is made the center is the most rigid area while the 3 sides between the straps would be the collecting point if any.

You had better hope that when you arrive at your campsite that you can find 3 trees exactly 120 degrees apart from each other…

this was posted by a friend of mine via facebook and as it so happens I posted the Woot link for her… I’ll stick to my bug net hammock…

not as hard as it sounds.

Q. Do the trees need to be in a perfect equilateral triangle for Tentsile to work?

A. No. Tentsile can find a space inside any acute-angled triangle (if you’re a geek you will know what this means - all angles are less than 90 degrees). If not, to understand see below or click here: