Vista Peak Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Vista Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
Sold by: AH Wines (H-G Vineyards)
$56.99 $114.00 50% off List Price
2012 Vista Peak Cabernet Sauvignon

FWIW vivino rating/price

ABC stores (throughout Florida) have this for $9/bottle. I have not tasted it.

It is a nice everyday wine :slight_smile: As with any products , price variations exist in the market :slight_smile:

Good morning. Thank you for joining us on a Saturday.

Is this a H-G vineyards brand or another wine produced at your facility for another winery?

I am starting to think ALL wines are H-G vineyards affiliated!

saw the word “sweet” in one of the reviews, i don’t like my Cab sweet, anyone try this?

LOL! Nooooo…we are not that big! We do have many partners in wine, though! So we get access to many great wines, and I get to chat with you about them all as spokesperson :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Glad to participate!

Yeah…someone snapped a picture and shared…like that!