Visual Land 4-in-1 Combo Pack

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Visual Land 4-in-1 Combo Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

And it’s ANOTHER speaker thing-a-ma-bob. I surrender, almighty Woot Off. Goodnight from Delaware.

According to amazon the $8 headphones are crap

I bought a 3pack of these in the last wootoff. I HATE the fact that these headphones give you 6 inches of slack on 1 ear and a mile of slack in the other ear. The quality was subpar but it was 5 bucks a pack so I had low expectations going into them.

I ended up giving the pairs to my younger brother and a guy at work. They seemed content with it. I’ll stick with my Beyerdynamics though

Features a color LED light system for enhanced listening pleasure.
How does an LED add to audio pleasure?
Worth maybe $10 including shippingProduct Description from amazon:
The Visual Land Mobile Speaker is perfect for those that are looking to play their music out loud anywhere, anytime. This compact speaker is highly portable but boasts powerful sound and clarity. It’s aluminum housing is scratch resistant and it features a rechargeable battery lasting up to 4 hours.

It looks like a crockpot with a headphone jack.

Amazon has just the speaker (not the “4-in-1 combo pack”) for $10.50.

This really looks like a great solution to a problem that doesn’t exist in the real world.

If only!

Holy Rube Goldberg, Batman! Wheres The Fire?

If my search is correct, this is $10.49 on Doesn’t own Woot! now? Hmmmm…something smells fishy here.

Looks like a coffee pot…

Oh look, a deep fryer with attaching earbuds. Just in time for Thanksgiving. I want to HEAR my turkey frying this year…in stereo.

It has been a dark day for woot. People are just starting to pay because it’s from woot and they think it’s the cheapest price. This is literally all over-priced to average priced.

Why did they plug headphones into a food processor?

It’s steaming.

You’re missing the car charger and headphones that go with it.

The one on amazon is only the speaker.