Visual Land 4-in-1 Combo Pack

What the hell is that?

I don’t know man, maybe those words underneath it will help us figure it out.

For a moment I thought this was woot lights (and a coffee urn… don’t ask).

Oh well…

It’s perfect for airports, So everyone in the terminal can listen to your crappy music.

At least that’s what they said last time, I didn’t even read the desc.

You get what you pay for So if you like speakers that look AND sound like a tin can, be sure to buy this.

A coffee pot with earphones???

Looks like one of the big coffee pots you see at group functions and meetings, but with earbuds attached.

I kinda hoped you were right, but… no.

I guess it’s just a speaker with a car charger and a headphone jack?

With this brand new product you can listen to the soothing sounds of the trash.

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Visual Land 4-in-1 Combo Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Looks like a holdover from the Sept 14th Woot-Off. Was $14.99 then too, so it looks like they aren’t that scared of them not selling…

“color LED light system for enhanced listening pleasure”

Seriously, just wondering how an LED light system, color or not, enhances my listening pleasure…

Well, it is a “combo” pack. That’s gotta be pretty good.

'Appears everything is supposed to be expressed in Volts (output power 5V).

…did they forgot size/weight:
2.4V x 2.4V x 3.4 volts ; weight 4 volts.

Java Dumbo combo!

A coffee maker that turns on a set of Woot-Off lights when the coffee is ready would be popular in my house.

damn they actually have a woot off when i have money… im screwed

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It’s the Jack Harkness of speakers!

[QUOTE=baqui63, post:4, topic:328609]
For a moment I thought this was woot lights (and a coffee urn… don’t ask).

slow cooker maybe or a bed pan potty