Visual Land Gold In-Ear Headphones – 3 Pack

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Visual Land Gold In-Ear Headphones - 3 Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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we’re off to a quick start

Is the photo blurry, or do my contacts need cleaning?

Awful reviews over @ Amazon!!

next, everything else went so quickly pause on the headphones

…and were off!!

These suck, but buy 3 anyway.

wootoff killer… worst wootoff ever… gnight

have horrible reviews regarding mechanical quality, much less sound quality.

2 outa 5 on amazon

The servers themselves seem pretty slow tonight, compared to most Wootoffs.

The product may not be top notch, but the packaging is cool!

A wootoff is the worst time to be drunk…

buy 3 and sell them at 5 bucks a pop. You’ll make a lot of money. that’s what I’m doing.

I wont sell these to friends though

These look like little bumblebee headphones!

Its a woot off…May God have mercy on us all!