Visual Land Red V-Motion Pro 4GB Media Player w/Bonus Speaker


Um… Lame.

Nice write up…

Summary: “Give your kid this inexpensive item so when he loses it, you won’t bash his head through a wall… Then you can go and get him another one!”

Bathroom break time everyone

Of course. I can’t sleep tonight so why not stay up for the woot off? Then of course why not start it off with crap… this will surely put me to sleep.

Why not just do the BoC early so we can all go to bed?

new $49.99 Amazon with free shipping and it comes in blue too

I say let the kid get it himself and if it gets wrecked, they can get themselves another. Keep me out of it…

What is a "Big o’ Cosmos "


What the heck is “piano finish?”

this item would serve me no purpose

glossy like a piano’s glossy key finish

Thanks Thunder! LOL

Been trying for 2 years for a BOC… hoping and praying today is the day! (Gotta stay awake… gotta stay awake…)

Why it’s a Boggy Old Creature, or it’s Bandolier Of Carrots, or its Bagpipes of Consternation, or anything else that starts with the letters Beee Ohhhh Ceeee. It’s an old running gag about the bag of junk(crap) that Woot sells with every Woot-Off. The site coverts those letters to a similar phrase. Big o’ Cosmos just happens to be the current replaced text.

The file type support looks pretty good. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a small MP3 player that supports WAV files.

Thunder Thighs, you are just too funny!