Visualites Colorful Readers

I got these the last time they were on here. They were very light weight, which I loved. I never really used them as intended (as daylight readers) and, honestly, the bifocal functionality was a little distracting / off-putting, especially while going down stairs. I have a very large head and they were very comfortable for me, mainly due to their flexibility.

They were pretty cheaply made, though. They are so light weight because they are made out of somewhat flimsy plastic. I left mine on the center console in my car and when I got back in I put my elbow down on them (rather hard) and they exploded into 3+ pieces and I was sad.

They are inexpensive enough that I am going to pull the trigger and get another pair.

Visualites readers are stylish – well, as stylish as readers can be – and work well. At this price they are a good deal. In for three, including a pair of the sunglasses which I’ve never tried before.

I purchased these from a previous sale for about the same price may be less. They are well made and feel like cheap plastic and light to the touch, however I found not all plastics are the same. As a previous commenter indicated when he put his elbow hard on them they exploded. I don’t know of any sunglasses that could survive that. But these are better than most. The plastic is very flexible and hard to break and the lenses so far have minimal scratching. I have paid over 30.00 for other cheap pairs of glasses with similar flexibility.

I have very much enjoyed these and bought two pair just in case one broke and it reduced the cost for shipping each one. I still have not used the second pair and these are my daily drivers. The reader feature is a plus (be careful down stairs) as with any sun readers. I also make a point to keep them out of the sun when not in use since the sun destroys plastic.

I have to say they are best on a big head which mine is not but it’s not small so they work. I would have preferred the bridge to be narrower but due to the plastic nature there’s no adjustment. I would guess this is why they are being blown out here. One of the only deals on W00t right now IMO.
If you have a small head you’ll probably not like these. Medium to large head, they work well for the price.

Disappointed with the bifocal feature. The add description says the reader prescription is on the bottom of the lens. Not exactly accurate. Look real close at the picture and you will see there is about a third of the bottom lens devoted to reader prescription. This tiny area makes the glasses awkward to use as your eyes have to be focused more than a normal bifocal lens requires. Is it just me, or has Woot turned to whoring what ever discontinued, weird manufacturing merchandise that is offered to them. really, snark does not trump crap.