VitaClay Smart Organic Multicooker - 6 or 8-Cup

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VitaClay Smart Organic Multicooker - 6 or 8-Cup
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ORGANIC Cooker???


BB&B Reviews on the 8 cup

Top Fired?!

Sounds right up my alley. When I burn, I mean cook, things I like them top fired and direct injected into MY MOUTH! Clay and organic are buzz words I also love. Does this come with a cloth rose in the “cooking chamber” I can tell my girl iz a present for her for and added bonuz?

Don’t let vitaclay fool you! This will cook non organic no problem! this will cook between like, One hundred something degrees and 350 something degrees! Probably something more degrees! If you cook non organic be careful! Its dangerpus!

jontwelve concludes: fancy crocpot not worth your money? You decide yes if you’re smart! And buy if you’re smarter!"

are you talking to yourself about yourself in some sort of loop of thought?

I clicked on this so that I could mock it, but it looks like that’s been handled. :slight_smile:

How is this better than my InstantPot? How is it better than a classic CrockPot?

I have never owned a clay pot baking dish. But I have been tempted to buy one at the second hand store.

The claim is you soak the unglazed clay pot in water for an hour then cook with it. It keeps the food moist while cooking.

Does this Organic Multicooker contain GMOs or is it non-GMO verified as well?

I do not tolerate GMOs in my multicookers.

I was going to purchase this, but it states that the yogurt maker is for “artisinal yogurt” and I prefer mine more pedestrian.

Will this cook non-organic food? I’ve never used a non-gmo, organic, skinny, no-foam Multi-cooker like this…

Is it grassfed?

I am so embarrassed. My state is solid color on the map with every other state around it pure white.