Vitaminerals Health Supplements: $4.99!

Wish woot could offer vitamin D (D 3 Hyroxy 25) in high doses, i.e. 5,000 IU. Care One has them, but puts them on sale only twice a year. NatureMade is way too expensive even on sale. Thanks.

What you need to add as a descriptive is “ineffective.” The only evidence for these products is that they reduce the weight of your bank balance.

Hey at least you are only going to be wasting a little bit of your money… Seriously, there are probably warehouses full of this garbage… Dr. Oz promoted these over a year ago, he moved on to Snake Oil… you can do better Woot!

I was just about to order these…y’all ruined it for me…off to Costco to get chocolate covered almonds, instead!
If I can’t be raspberry skinny then chocolate almond shaped will have to do…

Why couldn’t I find any expiration dates listed for these products?

I’m really sorry. I checked with the buyer and it sounds like we couldn’t get that detail from our vendor.

That’s not entirely true.

Raspberry ketones have no legitimate evidence that supports their benefit.

Garcinia Cambogia has some minor possibilities, but there’s also potential complications with glucose to consider.

Green coffee extract is the one that has a little worthwhile science behind it. There appears to be evidence it helps with hypertension, and there’s a bit indicating it helps with weight loss.

The important thing to remember is that even the products which are found to be effective usually have two crippling limitations:

  1. Many require you to keep taking to get the positive results
  2. The difference is so minor, you won’t notice in your own usage (ex. Dr Oz’s 2 week test of “Green Coffee extract” found a difference of 1lb vs 2lb weight loss when compared with a placebo).

I couldn’t recommend any of these for weight loss, but if you’re determined… get the green coffee extract.