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Where’s Dr. Oz when you need him? Oh, yeah, being deposed by Congress for hyping up bogus supplements as the next miracle cure. Non-FDA regulated “herbal extracts” from Woot? I’ll pass. Maybe I’ll get raspberries from the farmers market instead.

Ahahahaha. After Dr. Oz got reamed by a congressional hearing, they got so many weight loss placebos laying around that they made it to woot? Booooooooooo Amazon!!!

Garcinia Cambogia:

tl;dr: clinical study said this doesn’t help weight loss but could give you gastrointestinal disease

Green Coffee Bean Extract:

tl;dr: doesn’t say anything in the large section of biological effects about weight loss but does say it could make your eyes not work

Raspberry Keytones:

tl;dr: Adiponectin does actually, according to Wikipedia, turn fat into energy. Whether or not this supplement actually works as an inducer for Adiponectin is unclear and it probably doesn’t.

I’m getting the last one thought. $15 is enough to try it out even though it’s probably crap.

Dr. Oz would sell his mommie for a buck. Thanks Oprah

Will these make my pee look or smell funny?

When I saw the name, I couldn’t help but think of this:

I Love Lucy: Vitameatavegamin: - YouTube

As someone who regularly does Ketogenic Diets and has done severe weight loss, dropping over 170# from highest to lowest weight, I can help give some information on how Ketone suppliments work.

Ketones are naturally generated when your body enters starvation mode. Typically this happens when going into extremely low caloric intake or if you stop eating carbs and increase your fat and protein intake to cause your body to create the chemicals that digest fat primarily instead of carbs. This means when you start getting hungry your body will digest existing fat instead of digesting carbs in the process of being stored (Converted to fat).

Ketone suppliments will introduce a limited amount of ketones into your bloodstream, triggering the creation/release of more of the fat digesting chemicals. This is great for the 30 minutes it remains in your system, but the first time you take a leak they will all be gone, and before that they have already been removed from your blood stream.

Yea your body will digest fat with these suppliments. While it is digesting the fat instead of the carbs you just ate, those carbs are being turned into fat.

If you are on a Cyclical Ketogenic diet and want something to jump start your entry into ketosis after your carb meal/day then ketone suppliments will help you. You will need to take 250-500mg per hour for the 8-12 hours following your last carb intake.

If you are not on that type of diet then these are worthless for you.

Back up a click. What about those of us that have been kicking the glutens? Granted, it’s not a carb-free diet, but by going low sugar and no glutens anyway, would that mean these supplements would be more effective?

Based on the wiki articles, that last one might be worth looking into. Going to do a bit more digging on it before buying though. People tend to have a sheep mentality- just because one thing doesn’t help at all doesn’t mean other things can’t help with good exercise and good eating habits.

Edit: Interesting thing about Adiponectin. It’s from back in 2004, but there are various other articles that have been released more recently that seem to back it up. Easy to Google.

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No, unfortunately going low gluten and low sugar does not mean these will do any better for you. The point of these is to artificially induce a state of Ketosis.

If you have more than 50 carbs a day in your diet, there is no way for you to get into ketosis. And remember Rice doesn’t have sugar or gluten but it does have carbs, same with potatoes, and a host of other foods.

To get any benefit from this at all you will need to have a ketogenic/cyclical ketogenic diet, meaning your body is creating ketones on it’s own. Then you can use these to keep you in the zone if you slip up or jump start your ketosis after your carb day. If you are not on that type of diet then you are throwing your money away.

If you don’t know how many carbs you are taking in or don’t want to track your food that closely then go to the store and get a bottle of ketone test strips. Follow the directions and you will be able to tell if you have any ketones in your body. If you don’t and are not willing to make a change that would drop your carbs sufficiently to put yourself into ketosis, then this is not for you.