Vito 42” High Definition LCD TV



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Vito 42" High Definition LCD TV
$799.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Vito 42" High Definition LCD TV

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here comes the fudge… at useful linkage for all comparison shopping links… then we’ll talk more about lolkitties and hot cell phone covers… or not… btw, woot’s struggling tonite… i think, for sure… please don’t make the don angry.


What movie is the screen cap from in the photo?


Awesome… great deal, but I need a smaller one for my dorm room :*(


Repo Men rules! But who the hell is Vito?


This is a good deal. The shipping makes the deal.

NewEgg has a similar TV (Westinghouse 42") for $800, but $99 shipping.


WOW!..what a great price…and its not refurb!..btw ribs means refurbished!



Subliminal hint?


Vito scares me


Dude, is the Repo Man I see?
Awesome movie choice, woot!


nice wootcast l o l


Not a bad deal, but I have a similar system. How many of these HD televisions can Woot have. It seems as though there is at least 1 per week. Definately every woot-off.


Maybe I can send Guido out to collect so I can buy a Vito. Guido can make them an offer that will put them on their knees.


Don Corleone said Vito’s not to be trusted…


looks like something that will have a crappy unreliable warrant… similar to the VIZIO TVs I see at Costco and Sprawlmart…


The finest punk cinema offering ever from a former Monkee, Repo Man.


awesome rush limbaugh jab… great podcast!


Never heard of that brand. I’ll stick with my 32" Toshiba. Nite woot!


Actually, VIZIO stands behind their product 100% with offices in California, not somewhere in S.E. Asia where you can’t get a response.