Viva Sonoma

Viva Sonoma

Premonition Cellars Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 3-Pack
$64.99 $115.00 43% off List Price
2010 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

Inspiration Vineyards Russian River Estate Chardonnay 4-Pack
$69.99 $137.00 49% off List Price
2010 Chardonnay, Estate, Russian River Valley
2010 Chardonnay, Estate Reserve, Russian River Valley

Healdsburg Ranches 2009 North Coast Zinfandel Case
$99.99 $159.00 37% off List Price
2009 Healdsburg Ranches North Coast Zinfandel

Geyser Peak Alexander Valley Merlot 2-Pack
$39.99 $70.00 43% off List Price
2009 Geyser Peak Block Collection Merlot, J & J Fay Ranch, Alexander Valley

Got a ratty bottle of the Healdsburg Ranches 2009 North Coast Zinfandel a while back.

Only screw top bottle I’ve ever had that was corked :frowning:

Somehow it had been dropped on its top, which crushed the screwtop against the rim of the bottle breaking the seal. Oddly it wasn’t a leaker, the wine prob dried up and resealed it. We gave it a try anyhow…yeah, was majorly oxidized.

So has anyone had this? Might be a perfect second bottle office drinker :slight_smile:

That’s not corked, you had oxidized. Corked is TCA taint. TCA = Moldy newspapers, Oxidized= sherry or vinegar

Very curious about the actual taste of this one. Does it compare to anything else out there? I can’t find much as far as ratings and reviews on it. I’m always a little hesistant to buy a case of one blend if I haven’t tried it.

I bought a case of the Healdsburg Ranches Zin on a previous offer and I love it as a daily drinker. Nothing complex, but nice fruit with a little spice. Great with spicy grilled foods - yes, summer is coming.

Jon here from Inspiration Vineyards - let me know if you have any questions about our Chardonnay offer - I’d love to answer them…

Also - a WOOT shout out to Anthony from Premonition Cellars - I love this Russian River Valley Pinot Noir that he makes! I usually buy futures from him every year! You can’t go wrong in my book!

Jon, please forgive the whiny question: are you willing (able) to extend this deal to former wooters whose states are off the Woot shipping list (like Georgia)?

Whether you can or not, I say to those who are on the list: buy this Chardonnay. It is crisp with the acid to stand up to rich food and a lovely sipper as well. I just opened the 2010 Reserve and it is drinking beautifully.

This was my experience as well.(I’m pretty sure I’ve bought 2 cases, actually.) Only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger is cellar crowding and a case of the Madolina on the way.