Vivaz Spanish Tempranillo/Grenache (6)

Vivaz Spanish Tempranillo/Grenache Mixed 6-Pack
$64.99 $130.00 50% off List Price
2012 Vivaz Tempranillo
2012 Vivaz Garnacha (Grenache)

New Mexico isn’t on the no-shipping list, yet the last three purchase attempts have been thwarted by a “no delivery to your state” notice, including this one.

Anyone know anything about this one? 'Never heard of em but love the varietals.

Based on the newness of the vintage and the product description, I would presume that these are not old-world styled Spanish reds. I love old-style Spanish riojas and toros that show best after hours of decanting, so this offer is a pass for me.

But if you like your reds bright and sassy, this might work for you.

Veritas. Non vertias.

I think that list is of the yes-shipping states (which is the opposite of how it’s usually presented).

Probably two of my favorite varietals, but not sure I want to try this one out by purchasing six bottles.

When I first saw this offer, I thought it was for a Tempranillo/Grenache blend. That would have been… interesting.

There are a number of producers who do that blend. I prefer Temp/Graciano personally

I will have to keep an eye out for one or both blends. I enjoy both Temp and Grenache but have never had them together. No real experience with Graciano except for small percentages in red blends.

Once again… TOO MANY at once. Six bottles? Why not two. We could purchase 3 orders if we wanted 6. This tendency to require large expenditures of cash to try something is getting weary. I’m passing.

Exactly why you see us chattering about splitz.
I understand the economics of handling shipping, and that does amortize lower the $/btl shipping costs, but not the total, unfortunately.