Vivere 8-Foot Double Hammock with Stand

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Vivere 8-Foot Double Hammock with Stand
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Have to finish (i.e. start) the backyard deck before I can fill it with backyard furniture… Missing out on so many good deals because of my laziness. I guess I’ll have another glass of woot wine and contemplate my predicament.

I grabbed one of these last time it came up on Woot and my wife is in love with it.

It even holds both of us with no issue, and I’m a big fat guy.

i got one of these last time, and it’s pretty much the best thing i’ve ever bought. it even came with a carrying case, so i take it to friends houses and take naps in their yards… you know… to be “social”… or something…

This is a good deal just for the stand.

Vivere Home

Perfect reviews over at Canada’s

Just linked to this on facebook for friends, and really cant recommend this hammock enough! so comfy, though the company recommends to put away the fabric when not using it so it lasts (not sunbrella, but a nice soft and cool cotton that cant handle much uv/rain). really not a hassle, comes off quick and i throw into my shed. but so great for laying on a warm afternoon in the shade and dozing.

Tempted, too many mosquitos, though.

Recently bought this here, set it up last week. Took a nap in it yesterday. If I could use two, I would. It is comfy, sturdy, and pretty. When it is windy, you can wrap it around you like a blanket.
Also, it is super easy to set up and move around the back yard.

You should buy this.

Oooooh perfect for the summer loungin’!

got mine last year and I love it! Learn the proper way to lay in a hammock and you’ll love it too! The secret is laying on an angle. Something I wasn’t aware of at first. Made a major difference. Surely another Wooter has a link if it’s not already posted on the angle technique. I also use an umbrella on those days when its too hot and sunny, add a fan like the one on HomeWoot, and your set!

All good things I have heard about these and I am definitely looking for one for our river property. Nothing like a summer evening along the river swinging in a hammock :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, right? This year has been the worst here!

Mosquitoes don’t like flying in the wind. Get the fan on HomeWoot and keep the skeeters away!

How to Sleep on a Hammock: