Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammock with Stand

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Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammock with Stand
Price: $89.99
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[youtube=FNzUesthZPE]YouTube Opening and Relaxing[/youtube]
Hammock unboxing and relaxing!

Looks like a pretty good hammock at a pretty decent price.

Woot’s or the mfgr’s list of $160 is a bit delusional, but the hammock seems to be selling most other places like Walmart, Lowe’s, Amazon for $130.

Saving $40 bucks from $130 (31%) not too bad.

In for one!

I recently bought one of these from Amazon about two or three weeks ago. Real easy to put together and very comfortable. I got the tropical one which doesn’t quite look like the picture, but it didn’t matter too much. It does hold two people easily and goes together just as easily as it comes apart to go back in it’s carrying bag. This one doesn’t say it has a bag, but the same model from Amazon does, so this may too.

will buy one, this will be good for my wife and baby

It does come with a bag:

In the Box:

list Hammock
(1) Stand
Polyester Carrying Case

I bought this the last time it was offered and I LOVE it!

I bought one last year, it’s a great little hammock. We take this on our weekend camping trips and the kids fight for it. Just may have to get another!

I bought one of these the last time Woot offered it and love it. I was really impressed with the quality and how portable it is.

Yep, like many others here we recently bought one of these off Amazon for a much higher price. Took it on a camping trip. It is easy to set up, very durable, very comfortable, and we were the envy of anyone who passed by our campsite as they saw us swaying in the wind. If you want one of these and are on the fence, I can recommend this purchase. Good price.

I grabbed this the last time Woot offered it. It is my favourite purchase of the entire year, and I wish I had bought one ages ago. So much potential hammock-time, wasted!

Bought one of these in a Woot-Off. The frame is for 450lbs, but the actual hammock itself is rated at 400lbs. There was a hole in mine and I contacted the Manufacturer. They sent one out right away with the paper work that stated the limit of the hammock.

Edit: Took this camping a couple weeks ago. Very easy/quick to pack up and put away.

I have the 8-foot hammock from a previous Woot and we dig it. In fact it is still set up in the living room. Might have to get the double one so we can both use it together.

Don’t often comment on Woots unless they really sucked or were really a great value, and this falls under the latter.

It’s a great price considering it comes with a stand, but it’s really well made and surprisingly easy to taker apart and put in the case.

Just took it on its first camping trip this weekend and it was perfect.

Really good Woots are pretty rare these days, but this is one of them.

Got one of these during a previous woot and like it a LOT. Easy to setup, comfortable, and it’s a proper hammock (not one of those tippy things with the spreader bars). Did a trial setup in our living room and the kids would hardly let me take it down :slight_smile:

…And my biggest issue with it is that it doesn’t have a spreader bar!

The issue with spreader bars is they force you to lie in a hammock lengthwise? They are meant to be used at a diagonal.