Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammock with Stand

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Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammock with Stand
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Time to learn all about Vivere

Good Reviews over at Hayneedle

Great for bananas! Seriously, sweet hammock!

I bought one the last time around. These are great! We’re a little house-poor, so right now it’s inside and functioning as a living-room couch. It doesn’t look bad or out of place at all! I’ve had sick kids throw up on it (the flu and rocking don’t mix) and it’s really easy to wash and hang back up to dry. I am contemplating buying another, just so I don’t have to share with the kids every time I try to nap.

I bought one for the husband unit for our anniversary last year. He installed it in his office/man cave and naps in it all the time. He’s a big guy and it supports him with no issue. I’m not tiny and it holds the two of us together no problems. So 420 pounds of combined us and there is no problems.

Love, Love, Love it!! Had it up at our mountain cabin on the deck under some trees. We all love it! Easy to take apart and store for winter. A friend bought the same one because she loved it too.

We got 2, then loved them so much we had to buy one for everyone in the family! When company came over for the holidays, these were great extra guest beds, out guests loved them too :slight_smile:

My best friend has FIBRO, and she uses this as her bed. She LOVES IT, and says it’s the best sleep she’s gotten in years. She also said that, over time, it helped with her pain levels.

I bought her a second one for her Living Room to use as a couch for Christmas. :slight_smile:

Unlike virtually everyone else here, we use this outside, especially for our camping trips. We got it because it came with the stand, and it could easily be transported with our other camping gear.

This is far and away the best value I had seen for a very well-made Hammock that comes with a stand. It’s easy to take apart/put up, and even easy to get everything back in the well-made carrying case. We got ours for $10 less on a previous woot, but it’s one of those rare deals that is worth every penny.

Another rave for the product!! I really want to order another one, but I live alone, so what would I do with two? Put my cat in it? The only thing I don’t like about mine is I had dawdled on the purchase way too late in the day and the denim color was the only one left and I really don’t like it. But it’s still comfortable regardless of color.

Just chiming in with another rave. If you want a hammock, buy this one. I spent most of last summer lounging in it reading. Very easy to unhook and bring it when it rains.

I bought this hammock last year and I couldn’t be happier. It’s easy to assemble (and dissemble), comfortable, and relaxing. Totally worth the money.

Thanks for all the reviews. I’ve been looking for a hammock for my husband for a couple years now that’s not overly expensive and yet comfortable and sturdy enough to hold his weight. Think I found it with this - off to order one!