Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammock with Stand

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4.7 stars, $129.49 Mothership ($89.99 today)

4.7 stars, Walmart $129.97

4.2 stars $120 Home Depot (only 6 reviews)

Last sale $89.99/13 comments early June

Bought it last season, we love it, and have sent some as gifts. No issue handling 400+ lbs of humans.

Bought one a couple weeks ago during Amazon Prime Day for $79.99 I believe.

So far it has been great, easy assembly, no stretching or tearing from the cloth and ropes, and the frame feels pretty solid.

If you’re even considering owning a hammock this is a great choice. The stand is sturdy, and withstands the abuse I put on it.
I’m a 215lb male, who isn’t exactly easy on anything. The price point for the durability you get out of this item is so good - I’ve recommended it to co-workers and friends. If I had to say one negative, its that the metal rings that guard the end-loops of the hammock itself tend to slip and move off, taking slight readjustment, but it doesn’t appear to have any real negative effect on the use of the hammock. I’d buy another in a heartbeat. (Desert Moon is a great combo of colors, too)

got one of these the last time it was offered - kids love it and fight over it. may need to get another one.

Everyone one should own this hammock. It is solidly made and easy to assemble. Next time I buy one, I will lube the connecting points as they are a bit rusty after being out in the sun/rain/hair/pines

Make the world a better place, by this hammock.

I’ve owned mine for three years, I bring in hammock easily when not in use and it’s still in like new quality. Not sure how it would be if left out all the time. Stand does stay outside entire season though and not rusting or anything. I think I’m going to get another in a different color! :slight_smile:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this hammock, would definitely recommend - very high quality.

We bought ours over 2 years ago and it is going strong. Awesome to lay out in the backyard in. It has stayed through all the rain and weather and still looks great.

We bought one three years ago and love it. It has been sitting outside under our back carport and gets used regularly. It is holding up surprisingly well. Even our dog likes to sit in it (with one of his human slaves there to swing it for him, of course). My only complaint is that the frame doesn’t sit 100% flat when use on the pavement and has a tiny bit of wobble to it, but it is barely noticeable and you can’t tell at all when you put it in the grass.

Love this hammock! Bought it in the winter. It’s a great value. The stand is very high quality. I’m a big girl and it’s one of my favorite places to nap. <3

Looks like a great product. If you are just looking for a hammock stand - check this out.

I love my hammock but was wondering if anyone has bought a different hammock for this stand? I’d prefer one that is flat and was wondering if it would fit the stand.