Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammock with Stand

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Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammock with Stand
Price: $81.99
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4/29/2016 - $89.99 (Woot Plus)

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I literally set this thing up 3 days ago after buying it on Amazon for almost $40 more. In fact, it’s still in my living room.

Great reviews, and it seems well built. Pretty comfortable too.

Edit: YES! I payed with my credit card, which has price protection on it! Whew.

Bought this a year ago through woot ($99?). It’s a very well made hammock, strong and sturdy.

I bought this last year under a lightning deal from the mothership . . . best $80 I’ve spent! I was actually looking to get this here at the time as they do tend to bubble up frequently (although not as often as Roomba’s) when I found it. Even for $90 you will not be disappointed.

The stand is very sturdy and well built. I’ve had had myself and 3 kids in it - well over 500# and no issues. Granted, I wouldn’t recommend doing that all the time, but it will hold. The assembly/disassembly is a little persnickety but a little bit of elbow grease will get everything together. I wouldn’t recommend an actual lube if you want to tear it down often as you will get it (grease) all over the carry bag/hammock. I’ve left my stand assembled on my patio since late summer last year and it looks just as good now as when i first unboxed it.

The hammock is soft and strong. I was concerned about it falling apart like others I’ve had but this is very sturdy, thick cotton. I pull it off the stand and keep it inside when not in use and it is still like new. The eye-grommets have a metal sleeve to give strength when attached. These sleeves can fall out so make sure to police them up when packing.

The entire package - frame and hammock fit neatly inside a carry bag that is about the size of a 10x10 canopy (folded up).

If you are thinking about a hammock, get this!

I bought one of these in 2014 off woot. It’s easily some of the best money I’ve spent. It’s sturdy, comfy and really holds two adults.

When you get tired of this hammock go buy a south american hammock. They are the most comfortable. I have owned three from this vendor. They are now on Amazon as well and they are awesome!!

Is this 36% better than this $59.99 version?

Possibly, but I’m 100% more likely to get the LazyDaze. Been looking for a hammock for some time but didn’t want to spend a small fortune. Thank you for the reference!

Can you please list the brand name of the Hammock you purchased? I noticed this one is Vivere and there are many others on Amazon. It seems they all tend to use the same pictures. I really like this hammock but I’d rather grab it over on Am and pay less.

This exact one is the one I got from amazon, less then a week ago, and I paid way more for it over there. If you like this one, I’d get it here.

Woot… you usually have great pricing. But c’mon you guys… This thing is $50, including shipping on eBay

With the stand? I’m not seeing that price.