Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammocks with Stand

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Vivere 9-Foot Double Hammocks with Stand
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I have a very similar (but not quite the same) stand. It comes apart and goes together with four large wingnut screws. Assembly and disassembly takes only a minute or three, making it ideal for camping or putting away for winter. It’s also very adjustable and will handle a wide variety of hammock sizes.

I’d suggest taking the weight limit fairly literally. Mine is very similar, size-wise, and also rated for 450 lbs, but I’d be worried about putting two 200-lb people in one hammock and then swinging it…

This exact model was given to me as a gift a few months ago. LOVE it. We’ve had over 400lbs (adults, kids and a dog) swinging in this thing with no problem or worry of it collapsing.

Went together quickly and the fabric is actually very nice feeling. There’s plenty of room for two people, or one person wrapping themselves up in a cocoon :slight_smile:

I bought this exact model from Woot last year (at a slightly higher cost). It’s extremely study and has held up to our family. My kids like to all hop in and play “boat.” Although I told myself I’d pack it up and bring it in over the winter (it’s easy to put together and taking the hammock part off would have been smart and simple), I totally did not do that. But it held up well despite living outside and we are still using it. Worth the cost.

I LOVE this hammock. It’s my most favorite thing I’ve ever purchased from WOOT. Well worth the price. I’ve taken this camping and fallen asleep on it MULTIPLE times. It’s perfect for snuggling with another person, a cat, and a small dog. Actually, the cat likes it so much that it’s the ONLY time he snuggles with me. I intended to take this apart in the winter, but I bring it indoors so I can continue to use it. Perfect size for a balcony.

I have this hammock and love it. We have fit myself and my husband and the baby in here. great way to get some outside with baby and no stroller! I like that you can make it high or low on the ground depending on how you secure it.

I bought this the last time it was for sale. I love it! It went together quickly, I have it on the covered deck. I do bring the hammock in, but leave the frame up. I’m seriously considering a second one so I never have to share.

Are the specs for the size of the fabric hammock or the stand itself? I would like to put it on my front porch, but if the width of the stand is 63 inches that would be too big.

How wide is the base?

Awesome Hammock. Many compliments and jealous stares. Will be happy you bought it.