Vivere Double Hammock - Your Choice

I bought this same hammock from Costco. It was easy to assemble. It is comfortable, sturdy and lightweight to move.

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

TONS of great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

We received this hammock as a wedding gift and absolutely love it. We have left the stand up outside in the elements for several months and have noticed some minor rust spots at the weld joints, but it only seems to be cosmetic. Although the hammock is rated for two people, it isn’t really comfortable with two people (so I’m buying a second one so my husband can have his own).

Basically, it’s $25 off of what you can get it for at Wayfair.

I bought this hammock last time and it is lovely and huge and accomodates me and two of my kids very easily. And it was easy to put together (and I am terrible at putting things together). I have spent many hours in it this summer - maybe more in the fall when it’s still warm but cool enough to kill all of the mosquitoes in my yard. Anyway, a purchase you’ll be satisfied with. Although I did see it on sale one time on another site for five or ten bucks cheaper, this is still a good deal.

I bought this last year, and I love it…between bugs and mugginess, I try to relax and enjoy it when I can. Looking forward to fall when the mosquitos can go back to where they came from (hell).

I’ve had this Hammock for 2 1/2 years now. For the price I paid then on Amazon, which is similar to the price now, it was worth it. But it does have some durability issues that are popping up. It didn’t fade much over the first summer, but this year I brought it out a bit early and then we had about a month straight of rain. I had an outdoor rug under it during that time which is now a tie-dyed mess of color that used to be on the Hammock. The stand is starting to rust a bit at the joints, but it’s barely noticeable.

I find this thing super comfortable and have taken many lazy afternoon naps in it. If you lay straight down the middle of it it curls you up into a burrito, which gets a bit hot, so I’ve found the most comfortable way is to lay diagonal across it with your head at 1 corner and feet at the opposite. If the 2 of us are on it sitting in it we sit across the short side and it accommodates us just fine.

Bought this last sale - brilliant!

I bought this hammock about 6 months ago and love it!

I usually hop into mine around 11am for about 45min to an hour just to clear my head or just to chill while talking on the phone for work.

Solid construction and easy to get in and out of. I am 225lbs at 6ft and holds me great.

In this case, this hammock is cotton, and cannot be left out in the rain, unless spread to dry completely each time. It’s recommended to bring it inside when not in use. Cotton, since it’s a natural fibre, will start to break down and will rot if not kept dry.

OK, so Amazon, your parent company has this for $105 with free shipping. Not that great a deal…

I picked up one of these a few years ago. I love hammocks, and I’ve always wanted to put one in my bedroom, in front of the windows. The problem, of course, is the length of most hammock stands. This one solved the problem.

I use it regularly, and one of my favorite activities is sitting by the windows, in my hammock, reading.

So far, it has held up great, and I expect it to last many more years. Provided you protect it from the weather, it holds up great.

I bought this last sale and have it set up in my bedroom. Now the kids sit in it to watch tv instead of the couch. Mmm maybe I should move it outside so the kids don’t come in my room so much.

This is my 200th WOOT!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

I look forward to using this on my patio or perhaps outside when the bugs leave… ermmmm… they nebber leave!

Still… I have a Mexican wedding double hammock and I think it will work in this frame quite nicely also.